jeudi 29 octobre 2009

Berangere can't live without animals...

As you maybe know, Berangere likes animals a lot... So together one day, we decided to make a poster for them. The question was: 'Can you imagine life without them?' Cause no, i can't image my life without animals... i have 2 rabbits, it's just the cuttest thing in the entire world. when i look at them, i forget everything... I think you have to learn a lot from animals, they are maybe more human than us.

Berangere has a lots of animals friends, like octopus, birds, cat, chicken... it's simply awesome how they like her, it's a real love story between berangere and them!! She can't live without them, for sure.
When she was a child, berangere hadn't got lots of friends, so she decided to live in her proper world, a world where her friends were animals. And she was happy, for sure... Today it's still the same, Berangere is living in a big house with all of them, even if she's now trying to find the man of her dream.... (but this part of the story is for later folks)

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