jeudi 27 août 2009

In a few words...

Virginie Bastin, aka Miss Sucette, was born in Belgium.
She began to draw when she was a cutle lil girl.
She was often alone, so, naturaly, she spent all of her time drawing, and she never let it go.
She grew up surrounded by old horror movies (the kind of movies where the car always broke down in the middle of nowhere...) and old cartoons. As a result, she began to create her own world, her own stories.
With an imagination overflowing, painting was just a result for her, a manner to exorcize her childhood fears.

After receiving her degree in Graphic Design from Sain-Luc Liege in 2006, Miss Sucette quickly felt disgusted by this job. She felt trapped in a lifestyle she hated, and could not give a chance to her creativety as she wanted.
So, as an evidence, she returned to her first love, the painting...

Quickly the nickname Miss Sucette came naturaly to her. Sucette was the nickname given to her in highscholl, and the idea of ​​using it for her work as a paintress was really important for her, probably because of a sentimental attachment, and then Miss Sucette is a nickname that has a double meaning. When you heard it, you first think about the sweetness, childhood, happiness, but behind that sweet and enchanting name lies the cruelty of life, the reality, death and suffering. This paradox between the sweetness and bitterness, she likes to use it in her paintings.

The majority of her work is oil painting, but she often use charcoal and graphite as well.
Animals, nature, science, and symbolism are a central theme for her works.
Trough her paintings, she contemplates life, death, evolution, technology, loss of innocence, cruelty, wars...
The messages she deliver are often tragic, what's the point to show only what is good in the world? You have to think about what's wrong with us, what's wrong in the world we live in.

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Lukasku a dit…

je suis entièrement d'accord sur ce principe et son fonctionnement ; à nous de changer ce monde débile de moutons tondu à la Belge ET ;op

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